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Of {{ register_item_type_string }}


Alternate views

Different views of this register are at its Alternate views.

Automated Pagination

To paginate this register, use the query string arguments 'page' for the page number and 'per_page' for the number of {{ register_class }} per page.

HTTP Link headers of first, prev, next & last are given to indicate URIs to the first, a previous, a next and the last page.

Example, for Page #7 with 50 {{ register_class }} per page:

{{  request.base_url }}?page=7&per_page=500

The Link header would contain:

Link:   <{{ request.base_url }}?per_page=50> rel="first",
        <{{ request.base_url }}?per_page=50&page=6> rel="prev",
        <{{ request.base_url }}?per_page=50&page=8> rel="next",
        <{{ request.base_url }}?per_page=50&page=10> rel="last"
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